Artificial Intelligence

Optimize your processes using robotics and automation

Data is the new oil

Revolutionize your business, with the power of data

SMAC (Social Mobile Analytics and Cloud)

Get Smart with SMAC convergence.

Happy Customers

Enhancing customer experience by solving customer problems

Welcome to SeaportAI 

“A pioneering analytics and artificial intelligence company, dedicated to make your life easy. We strive to simplify cutting edge technology for the benefit of our customers”.

A joint venture born, when an indian company (NDI Solutions Pvt.Ltd) and a Canadian company (Seaport Alliance Ltd.) shook hands. We help our clients reduce costs, improve profitability and improve customer satisfaction. With us, gear up, to ace the game, with the power of AI enabled analytics solutions.

Our offerings

Give deeper insights

Using machine learning and advanced artificial intelligence, we plunge into the root of the problem, in search of deeper insights. The new dimensions unlock new solutions and opportunities.


Replace day-to-day low-level cognitive tasks

Lost in the maze of repetitive and mundane tasks? We are here to set you free, alongwith a smooth glide in existing operations. Now, you can scale heights with challenging tasks.

Act as life’s concierge service

We believe time is the new currency, and is etermined to prove that in our easily deployable and scalable solutions. Experience a faster and easier life, with SMAC convergence technology.

I just wanted to share a quick note and let you know that you guys do a really good job. I’m glad I decided to work with you. It’s really great how easy your applications are to use and deploy. Consumer product company

You made it so simple. I never thought that i could do forecasting so easily ! Retail company

Thanks for all your efforts in the digital tranformation of my company. Your support is awesome. Manufacturing company