Warehouse Management System (eWMS)


  • eWMS has been designed with a view to bring the concept of a centralized warehouse system, to take care of the company’s day-to-day warehouse operations.


  • Warehouse management transforms a typical warehouse operation into a totally connected logistics and fulfils the business.


  • Our warehouse management software allows you to take customers orders, process them in real-time with voice directed operations and automates shipping.


  • eWMS is an unified Supply Chain Management Software incorporating a real-time Warehouse Management Software System.


  • Using our logistics software you can increase your efficiency and expand your business.

Modules in eWMS

  • Purchase Order Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Intelligent PUTAWAY / PICK
  • Invoice Generation
  • Standard Reports
  • TAX / Discount Modules
  • Auto Email & SMS Alert
  • Storage Location Mapping
  • Cycle Count
  • Order Forecasting

  • 3PL Billing
  • Interface
  • Online Tracking
  • Freight Module
  • Freight Integration
  • Online Tracking
  • Value Add Services
  • Equipment Management

Operation Benifits & Advantages

  • Provides visibility to the measurement of the performance of various activities in a Warehouse against set SLAs.

  • Facilitates Inventory Planning based on Re-Order level
  • Supports activity based billing
  • Live Dashboard facilitates easy monitoring of inventory levels and pending tasks.
  • Manage Intra/inter branch Operations effectively.
  • Improve Employee performance
  • Better monitoring and visibility of operations, e.g. track and trace, unbilled.
  • More accurate and real-time reports on profitability, customer service levels and vendor KPIs resulting in better management decisions.
  • Reduction of errors due to manual checking during preparation of bills.
  • Optimum Utilization of warehouse space.
  • Receipt of returned material from own branches / dealers / customers (RLC)
  • Rotation Rules based on expiry date/manufacturing date etc. ( FIFO/LIFO etc)
  • POD tracking

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